Multilocational IP Addresses From $0.45

Blacklist free and geo-location flexible IP addresses with instant availability.

IP lease

IPv4 Pricing

  • Basic
    $2.00 per IP/month
    • Up to 128 IPs
  • Standard
    $1.00 per IP/month
    • 128 - 1K IPs
  • Business
    $0.75 per IP/month
    • From 1K to 5K IPs
  • Enterprise
    $0.65 per IP/month
    • From 5K to 10K IPs
  • Ultimate
    $0.55 per IP/month
    • From 10K to 50K IPs
  • Infinitum
    $0.45 per IP/month
    • From 50K IPs

IPv6 Pricing


  • Mixed Subnets
  • SWIP Geo-Location
  • Announce Anywhere
  • WHOIS Management
  • Any RIR or Region
  • DNS Delegation

Service Overview

Worldwide Locations

Our IP addresses are available on a global scale. Your IP geo-location is changed on demand in case you need to unblock any geo-restricted website.

Range of Classes

Choose between different A, B or C IP classes based on your network size to bring diversity to your business.

Blacklist Free

We provide immaculate reputation IP addresses only. All IPs are blacklist free and ready for a fresh start.

IPv4 & IPv6

Need IPv4 or IPv6 addresses? Fill in the order form and specify the ones you require. Both are available instantly.

Reverse DNS Control

Manage your IP addresses with ease! Save your time with full rDNS control and set up PTR records yourself.

Instant Availability

Send a detailed order request and start using your IP addresses in less than 24 hours.

How does it work?

Fill in the order form with your autonomous system (AS) number and data center name.

After we receive your order, we will issue LoA agreement stating that leased IPs will be announced from your AS.

Home-page_02_27When you receive LoA agreement, send it to your data center in order to get the IPs announced over global routing table.

Home-page_02_30After all these steps are carried out, your personal manager will update IP geo location databases as per your requirements and will assist you with further concerns.

Order Request

Submit your IPv4 order request and we will get back to you with an individual offer.

Lease period

Lease period

Lease period

Lease period

Lease period

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