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Looking for proxy, dedicated server, VPN, SEO enhancement or data mining tools?
We’ve got you covered!

IP Lease

Set up your order preferences, sign up LOA agreement and announce your leased IP addresses from any third party data center on your demand.


IP Lease with Infrastructure

Don’t have an infrastructure yet? Choose from range of powerful dedicated servers and use IP addresses straight from our data center.


What can you use it for?


The Internet has no boundaries anymore! Browse the Web without restrictions despite your geographical location.


Enjoy an unlimited Internet access to effortlessly harvest global data online.

Data Mining

Your geo-located IPs allow you to search the Web in order to get a geo-targeted data from search engine results.


With different class IPs you can target your worldwide audience and increase your overall SEO rankings.

Hosting Services

Develop your web hosting business! Lease a full block of IPs with a dedicated infrastructure and start reselling today.

Why choose us?

IPs Across the Globe

IPs Across the Globe

Choose your IPs from across the world! We cover all IP network regions, including RIPE, LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC and AFRINIC.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure

We offer an enterprise infrastructure to empower your IPs. In addition, we get them configured and ready to use!

IPs Trial

IPs Trial

Still in doubt? Contact us and get a free trial to check whether the IPs we provide match your business needs.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Spend more on your business, rather than network management! Your personal manager will help you with IP configuration and infrastructure setup.

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